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Hey wolves, how’s everyone coping with the recent circuit breaker period? Really hope you’re staying home more than ever for it to actually work! ✌️ Here’s a treat to my good wolves who are doing their part to stay home as much as possible, you guys deserve it! 👏 Random question, sniffing my armpits through my white sheer top, hot or not? 😝

I don’t know about you, but I find myself drinking way more coffee and sleeping less than I should 😆 The next few weeks will be a little tough for me to update new content as everyone else is home 😛. So I may be posting more casual/stay home photos or post nap photos LOL, hope it’ll be up your alley.

You wolves be on your best behavior and enjoy the super long weekend! Stay fit by working out your right hand muscles ✊ and don’t forget to wash them when you’re done! 😆

Your PowerPuff Queen,
Jessica 💋

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  1. Minion

    10/04/2020 at 10:13 PM

    Absolutely blessed by Queen with this gorgeous and sexy set!!! Love the yummy mochi balls and juicy peach!!!

  2. J

    10/04/2020 at 10:15 PM

    Circuit breaker? Not like no fap challenge breaker. I was trying to hold myself from fapping thought my Malaysia MCO lockdown but that’s it. Your pics are too powerful and I made a mess in my pants

  3. jerry

    10/04/2020 at 10:19 PM

    i love this most ☹️ part 2 please!!!

  4. ai_555

    11/04/2020 at 12:58 AM


  5. Fatedez

    11/04/2020 at 2:49 AM

    There’s something about that grey line that gives an extra touch. The panties look so so good on you

  6. Brandon

    11/04/2020 at 5:59 AM

    Do one pokies post nap photos!, and the thought of sniffing your armpits will always be a turn on. Just typing this I’m hard already. Lol

  7. Hakase

    11/04/2020 at 9:12 AM

    ”Girl month” for jessica is over , good girl need a present . it’s time to playing with jessica pussy and make her cum so many times XD
    you sit with squatting position in chair , and spread open your leg in M position i touching your panties it’s still clean i need to make you horny and will give you a lot foreplay ~
    sliding your panties and voilaa~ fresh jessica pussy and ass hole in sight , immediately i put in dildo with dual head inside your pussy and ass hole and keep strike roughly , you start moaning in just 2 minute your pussy twitching , when you want to cum i stopped moving ~
    I let you rest for a while and pick another toy , i choice big vibrator with more power , i put in it straight to your clitoris , max the power you feel it and keep moaning , can’t hold back anymore to cum , but i say hold it , you hold it and just let out juice a little i stopped right away
    You start feeling uneasy and horny because can’t cum , even though you want to cum so much , i lifted you and give you princess carry to bed , put you down slowly and i move away for a while (searching for more toys)
    When i back i see you masturbated , fondle your boob with left hand and right hand rubbing pussy through panties , you seems enjoying it moaning and keep rubbing ~
    i stopped your hand , and pick up 4 rotors. I put 1 inside your ass hole and another 1 on top your clitoris and the other 2 on your boobs i open your bra and place it near your nipple , i turn on rotors to max power , You are shocked, your body is moving because of the vibration from the rotors , you cum immediately while moaning so loud
    Your face is red , you feel so exhausted and let out a lot sweat and juice ~
    that’s what i’ve been waiting , i slide over your panties ram my penis straight inside your pussy , pump you like beast , inside you feel so warm , wet and slippery , i keep thrusting like there’s no tomorrow , and i end up cumming inside you twice ~
    Both of us have a lot sweat , i decide to carry you to bathtub , i pick shower and set up water release , i place it in front your pussy and shoot out water , you cum again , what a bad girl jessica cum in the bathtub , after that i bathe you, dry your body , put on your underwear and bathrobe and we go back to bed .
    In bed i hugged you from behind my right hand fondle your boob and my left hand rubbing your pussy , you say stopped it let me rest but i have no intention to stopping , because your’e so cute i want to keep teasing you , i keep doing it , you moaning slowly and slowly began to fall asleep due to fatigue

  8. Majin

    11/04/2020 at 4:34 PM

    Would totally sniff your armpits through your white sheer top ❤️

  9. Ai

    12/04/2020 at 9:46 PM

    White as a bunny. Yes you are hot Jess. Very cool see through outfit you have there. The bras and panties fit your body so well. It’s Beautiful. Makes me energised during this circuit breaker. The cute baby backside are getting more firm and round. Remove the panties and take away/ta bao for me k.
    Really sexy and seductive poise this set. Ok let me go wash my hands. It’s a mess now. Wat a naughty Easter Day ❤️

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