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Hey wolves! Hehe managed to squeeze an update for today. I didn’t wanna over promise earlier on, but anyway I managed to capture some photos of me rolling around on my bed today. Hope you like it 😛

Kinda writing this blog entry with my favourite band Cigarettes After Sex playing in the background, while it’s raining outside.

“Seen you from afar
Wondered who you are
Wondered what you’re like
Think you’re just my type

And now I’m dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of you.“ – Dreaming of You by Cigarettes After Sex

Hope you’re listening to this song too while looking at my photos. Dream of me tonight and I’ll see you wolves next week ☺️

Your PowerPuff Queen,
Jessica 💋

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  1. Icyking

    24/04/2020 at 10:07 PM

    Gorgeous❤ ill be dreaming of my angel all the time hehe

  2. Anonymous

    24/04/2020 at 11:35 PM


  3. Anonymous

    24/04/2020 at 11:57 PM

    Im dreaming of kissing your naturally sexy pouted looking lips all day…bet you never knew it. 😉

  4. Minion

    25/04/2020 at 12:07 AM

    Sooo cute in the stripe underwear set!!! Loving all the tongue teases!!!

  5. Armpit lover

    25/04/2020 at 2:12 AM

    I just cum on my phone screen when i saw your armpit ahh such a nice view to masturbate. Thank you my queen

  6. Anonymous

    25/04/2020 at 3:18 AM

    My gf allow me fap to u before we make love

  7. kittyego

    25/04/2020 at 8:00 AM

    Dreaming of rolling around in the bed with you Jessica. Love the last pic!

  8. Soldier In Camp

    25/04/2020 at 8:50 AM

    Oh my queen, it’s been a while since we’ve been treated to a post with so much of your sensual lips. Please do more of it.

    I came to the last picture, imagining that you were lying like this and sucking my cock as part of foreplay but I came prematurely because I was just too horny having my fantasy fulfilled. You got annoyed and spat my cum out on me and made me lie down, and sat on my face. I then licked you to orgasm with you holding the back of my head and pressing it towards your sweet lips. By the time you came, my cock was recharged and rock hard again. I begged you to suck it one more time but you refused because you said I wouldn’t be able to handle it without cumming in your mouth. So you stuffed your panties in my mouth to shut me up, and climbed up on to my cock to have your fun. Wanting desperately to not disappoint you by cumming too quickly yet again, I closed my eyes and imagined fucking the old chicken rice aunty from the hawker centre below my block, at least until I could tell you were close to orgasm. When you were close, I allowed myself to open my eyes, removed your panties from my mouth, and pulled down your bra. I held on to your butt with both hands and clamped my lips on to one of your nipples lightly and enthusiastically fucked you to a mutual orgasm.

    No girl has ever made me feel this way, and I wanted to fall asleep cuddling you, and was ready to marry you after this. But you immediately pulled yourself out, cleaned up, and said: “Thank you, you may leave now. I’ll let you know again if I ever want more of you, but that’ll probably be the first and last time you get to enjoy my body. Go back to masturbating to my pictures in your office toilet. 🙂 ”

    That was the best day of my life, and I probably would be thinking about that day and masturbating until I was an old grandpa in an old folk’s home.

  9. Hakase

    25/04/2020 at 11:52 PM

    i’ve always wish when jessica will use stripe sexy underwear again , and now that wish come true thanks you very much ~
    i got instant boner when i see this time pict , your lips is so sexy , there’s no way i can resist temptation like this ~
    it’s still jessica mentruation days , so i wont put in , this time ~
    i grab your butt , rub it for a while and my right hand touch your beautiful hair , I put my finger in front of your lips and asked you to lick it
    my finger full with saliva i pull out and , i put my hand inside your bra, I fondle your boob , make you moaning it’s so erotic view
    my left hand go inside your panties , my index finger go lower touching and rubbing vagina entrance ~
    your legs is shaking , when i start rubbing your clitoris and almost cum immediately
    i I put my penis between your thighs, I ask that you close your legs tightly , while I hold your breasts with both hands and start moving back and forth , it’s feel so thight , even though not as thight as your vagina i almost cum when i lost concentrate for a sec ~
    i pulled out my penis for a while to take a rest , I lead you to the wall, put your hands to the wall to hold and put my penis into your underwear from behind, I lowered my hand to your waist. then start moving back and forth , this what i call ”grinding pussy” , you starting enjoying this play as well , roughly for 15 minutes we do that and we cum at same time , I pulled out my cock again , i hold your body and take a minute rest before another round star again this time we exchange position , now we are facing each other, I put my penis again into your underwear from the front, I hold your butt tightly this time I move you back and forth , the feel between panties , vagina entrance and my penis touching each other is just to good in just 10 minutes we cum together
    now your beautiful blue stripes panties is full of love juices and my cum , but it;s not feel right because I haven’t left sperm in your bra ~
    I carried you and we sat on the sofa, I asked you to shake my penis which already limp , You hold my cock and shake it until it’s erect , then I put my cock in your cleavage, you hold your breasts and start give boobs job when i feel i going to cum , i pulled out and let it out over your bra
    then you say we not over yet , you little angry because i keep teasing you ~ now jessica time to teasing
    we move to bed, you sit beside me, hold my cock and shake it while saying “this naughty penis that has cum and soiled my underwear, I must punish it” once my penis erect, you move on top off me. You press my cock with your vagina, I can feel the entrance of your vagina because your underwear is too wet , you start grinding move your hips so fast , we hold hands to prevent you from falling back , we moaning together and shouting each other name while cum.

  10. Yourboih

    26/04/2020 at 2:35 PM

    Ohmai you melt my heart with those lips <3

  11. Beelzebubs

    26/04/2020 at 11:06 PM

    Love the ”zebra” looks

  12. Fatedez

    27/04/2020 at 5:52 AM

    Went to check out Cigarettes After Sex. It feels really comforting listening to Affection at 6am when I should be sleeping. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Majin

    27/04/2020 at 10:15 AM

    Your armpits are amazing <3

  14. Ai

    27/04/2020 at 3:45 PM

    What a beautiful rendition. Tks for the updates and sharing yr fave songs from cigarettes after sex. Yes listening to dreaming of you while appreciating your photographs. You put in efforts. Yes dreaming of sitting next to you and kiss you. Whenever I see your armpits, automatically I will want to tickle them. The power of dreams and hope. Your wish will come true. I like what you write these days and see you K. Mucks ❤️

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