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Hello wolves! Hope your weekend was good 😁 And OMG, I can’t believe we’ve reached the last week of 2020! This will be my last blog post for 2020. Hope you like this photoset, I’m keeping it simple and to the point 😉

Has 2020 been okay for you? If it has, I wish you more success for the incoming year. If it hasn’t, you’re not alone, this too shall pass, so hang in there 😊 Cheers to the incoming year, and thank you to each and every one of my fans, who have been by my side, following me since I just started, or even those who’ve found me along the way. So grateful for all of you. Love ya, and see you next year 😘

Your PowerPuff Queen,
Jessica 💋

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  1. Anonymous

    28/12/2020 at 9:39 PM

    Gotta love that skirt on you Happy New Year, Jess. Looking forward to 2021!

    1. Queen Jessica

      28/12/2020 at 11:44 PM

      Thank you anon!

  2. Anonymous

    28/12/2020 at 10:11 PM

    Absolutely sexy and beautiful!!! Love the perky pointy nips and naughty panty with the surprise transparency at the juicy butt butt!!!

  3. Minion

    28/12/2020 at 10:13 PM

    Absolutely sexy and gorgeous!!! Loving the perky and pointy nips and the naughty panty with a surprise showing of the juicy butt butt!!!
    Great end to 2020!!!
    And to a much better 2021 to Queen and everyone!!!

    1. Queen Jessica

      28/12/2020 at 11:44 PM

      glad you like

  4. KP

    28/12/2020 at 10:17 PM

    Love this transparent one at the back! Can see your peaches. My queen has decided to gift us your pokies as well. Only missing your sexy lips

    1. Queen Jessica

      28/12/2020 at 11:45 PM

      You’re welcum

  5. Nyw_cummer

    29/12/2020 at 8:12 AM

    Perfect nips and areolas for my mouth and . Damn you’re sexy af. Will be jerking off tonight while looking and wondering what you look like.

  6. Anonymous

    29/12/2020 at 6:50 PM

    Beautiful and sexy as always. Nice black panties

  7. NoProblem

    30/12/2020 at 2:47 AM

    So sexy tonight, Jess thanks for your beautiful website in 2020. Will continue to be tease by you in 2021. Our beloved Sg Babe. Hehe

  8. Mohd Halim

    31/12/2020 at 2:47 PM

    Everytime I fuck my wife, I will think of you and instantly I will cum.

  9. Artofshape

    01/01/2021 at 9:53 AM

    New year new panties same scent from Queen Jessica

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