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“My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola. My eyes are wide like cherry pies. I got sweet taste for men who’re older. It’s always been so it’s no surprise”Lana Del Rey

Hello hungry wolves, today’s photoset brought back some silly memories back from secondary school. When I was in secondary 3, I had teacher who was quite tall, fit and charismatic. Let’s call him Mr Tan. He was really eloquent and inspired me to study harder for my English. Mr Tan was also my PE teacher and he would leer at some of the girls in my class. One day he came up to me and started looking at me weirdly. My PE shorts was pretty high cut and I was sitting on the floor. Mr Tan slowly walked up to me, looked at my thighs and commented how fair my thighs were 😓 Being just 15, I was rather shy and didn’t think much of that comment. But it made me wonder if he had ever fantasized about me and masturbated 😈. Long story short, nothing happened, but til this day I’ve always wondered what sordid, lustful fantasies that played in his head.

Last but not least, I’m giving away this slightly torn pair of white stockings that I’ve worn in this photoset. If you’ll like a chance to win, comment what you would do to me if I were your naughty student and you were Mr Tan. Winner will be contact by email and item will be sent by mail. Good luck wolves, may the best of you make me wet.

Your PowerPuff Queen,
Jessica 💋

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  1. creampie

    02/09/2019 at 10:06 PM

    If I may , ill tie both your hands behind you with a satin rope. and ill be behind you positioning my cock where your hands will be. With one hand around your throat squeezing gently while I’m nibbling on your ears. as I move my other hand down your mid towards your pussy but moving ever so slightly to brush it but instead to spread your legs apart, stroking your inner thighs inching towards your pussy. I can feel your hands starting to grab on to my cock as I move closer to your panties. My fingers starts to slide in from the side of your panties and I can feel the warmth and dampness starting to soak my fingers. I start to move my fingers towards your clit and gently rub it as you let out a gentle moan and whispered “please finger me” all this while you’re moving your hands up and down masterbating me . I start to slide in my index and middle finger the heavenly and warmth juices starts to soak my fingers , Your hands aren’t going any slower and I beg you to slow down as I might cum soon. You slowed down and turn around and said , don’t cum yet im not done…. to be cont ? :p

  2. Anonymous

    02/09/2019 at 10:09 PM

    Love this photoset a lot damn it looks good on you

  3. fuzzywuzzy

    02/09/2019 at 10:18 PM

    Wham Bam you pregnant:)

  4. Faizchip

    02/09/2019 at 10:23 PM

    For God sake just give me the lolipop

  5. Lildicky

    02/09/2019 at 10:29 PM

    I would call you out for extra tutoring in English. I would purposely have the lessons on the day that you have PE so you would be wearing those shorts that I fantasize about while masturbating. At first, I actually teach you properly but slowly, I started moving nearer to you. Eventually, our lessons became more intimate. I’m sitting beside you while taking glances at those fair thighs. You start tapping my shoulder as you laugh out loud. I think of it as an invitation for physical contact to happen. I started tapping your thighs and gauging your reaction. You gave me a look that said you wanted more. I go in for a kiss hoping to spark something and then suddenly you grabbed me closer. I could feel our tongue constantly overlapping each other. We broke off the intense kiss to catch our breaths. I carried your petite body onto my desk and went on my knees. I kissed your thighs slowly while I could hear you moan my name. You told me that we don’t have all day. I quickly took off your shorts and sniffed them which reeked of sweat from the running I made you do during PE. I told you to take off your panties just to feel masculine and dominant after seeing how you looked at me sniffing your shorts. It was your first time and I deflowered you right on my desk. It felt like such a huge accomplishment. It was surprisingly easy to slide in my dick as you were so wet for me. I put your legs above my broad shoulders and went balls deep into you. You begged me to go slow but your pussy was too good. My body just wanted to go faster and faster and harder. I felt your pussy clenching multiple times as I pounded my dick harder and harder. I was about to cum and prepared to pull out until you abruptly pulled me closer, kissing me. I shot a huge load into you and felt relieved yet worried at the same time. I finally made my fantasy cum true. And to make everything better, you gave me your shorts and panty while smirking knowing how much and hard I will be masturbating to them.

  6. Sensei

    02/09/2019 at 10:29 PM

    I would make you stay back for remedial lessons everyday while I did nothing, literally, that it makes you beg for no more of such torturous act…

  7. Ochinchin

    02/09/2019 at 11:03 PM

    I made the class go on with PE lessons , free to do whatever so their hearts desire. I too want to do whatever my heart so desire, that little Nymphet Jessica.

    I glanced over the other students doing all sorts of odd activities; only did I watched over my dear Nymphet. What have the heavens forsaken me, a spitting image of Helen of Troy–how often have I caught the boys oogling her!–of Venus birthed in perfect sensuous form–for such femininity at such tender age invites mortal men such as I to worship!

    A sharp whistle cut across the infantile screams of arbitrary pleasure–”Jessica! Follow me.” My tenor voice travelled the entirety of the school hall but only did it reach the ears of my dear Nymphet. Oh the power a teacher has over their students.

    “Enter the storeroom. I need help with the bats,” within the lie, the subconscious desire to ensnare my Nymphet in between my lips slipped. Coyly, she smiled back and went ahead with such youthful steps.

    The smile betrayed her movements; her movements betrayed her intentions.

    As the door closed, my dear Nymphet was stretching out reaching out to the bats. In the dusty room, of all the dusty and soil ridden equipment, the view of a pristine woman was a sight for the sore eyes of 30 year old man.

    “Mr Tan, I can’t seem to reach it” so she says, her ass was more than peeking out, a bold display of the full moon from the sheer dark navy skies of her shorts. Like a werewolf no longer able to keep its urges in check, the hardest erections are always had whenever the thought of her comes to mind. Now such Ideals are a reality.

    “Come, let me help you out,” brazzenly I close the gap between me and her. The shorts I wore could not keep the wolf in, it howled more and more, reaching in desperation for the moon it so desires. I did nothing.

    My Nymphet took a step back, the dust falling all over her eyes. In that moment, the wolf kissed the moon–in that instance, the forever incommunicable desire of mine was known to the object of my desire.

    “I knew there was a bat unaccounted for!” turning so swiftly back, just before she could continue with her words, I took it all in–a forbidden kiss between an older man and a young girl; a teacher and a student; a mortal and a Nymphet. I was charmed with the doll eyes she gave me, drawing me even desperately to take her mine.

    “No Mr Tan, no more,” she uttered between reciprocal kisses as her hands rubbed my thighs sensuously.

    “I always wanted you for myself,” I whispered into her ears, fully aware that my tenor voice was capable of subduing my Nymphet. I lifted her up, her pussy rubbing against my cock. I felt her hips shuddered, her small feminine grip on my shoulders tightened.

    “I’m going to make weird noises Mr Tan!” She begged me to do something, her voice eternally reverberating in my ears. Our tongues intertwined as the first bell rang; only one more period left.

    Still holding onto her, I slipped my pants; my cock penetrated her virgin pussy. She gasp and orgasmed immediately, legs all jellied.

    “This is what you’ve made me do, you naughty girl,” I growled at her, before slamming my cock into her. Her face said it all–she has always wanted me to do something like this to her. Her arms wrapped around my neck, she drowned in carnal pleasure. The sound of our fluids intermingling so violently was all that filled the musty room. Before she could cum, I placed her down. With no strength left in her body, she was on her knees.

    “Jessica, suck on the cock that was in you,” I commanded her. She took it slowly, licking it as if it’s a popsicle from the canteen. Instructing her like I always have, she pleasured me; I grabbed her head and shoved it all into her mouth, the vile semen that such purity attracts.

    Sweaty and violated, her face was so erotic–pants push aside, her young pussy that no one has seen before shown it’s secret pleasures only to me; the sweet mouth of a sweet girl defiled with semen and her own juices smiled back at me.

    “Let’s go, it’s almost time,” I whispered to her. We left the storeroom together.

    A short debrief to the students. Before dismissal, I announced to everyone “Jessica, see me next week during lessons. You need to work out on your ball handling skills.”

  8. AP

    02/09/2019 at 11:09 PM

    After seeing your creamy white and sexy thighs, I would ask you to stand up and come help me with some PE stores since the rest of the class is busy.

    I will take you up to the 4th floor, the highest floor of the school where there is a room that keeps our PE equipment. While climbing up the stairs, I’ll purposely run up and make you run too. Once in the hot stuffy room, I’ll shut the door and wait a few seconds pretending to look around at what to bring down for the rest of the class. In the meantime, your sweat pearls can be seen on your shirt and forehead.

    I’ll take the chance to hold your hand and give you a kiss. You’ll respond with a soft moan while I squeeze your ass.

    I’ll lick your neck and smell your sexy scent. oh gosh, even while sweating you smell so damn hot and sexy.

    We’ll engage in a tongue fight where your soft but strong tongue fights mine. I’ll pull down your shorts and sniff your delightful pussy through your panties and damn it’s making a mark from being damp. I will use my tongue to slide in between the slit of your panties and your thighs to lick your sweet nectar from your pussy. You will then say “take it off pls”

    I’ll pull off your panties and carry you to the table tennis table and lay you down. Your pussy is just too delightful to not give it a proper treatment. I’ll lick your clit in circles and around your pussy lips and slowly poke my tongue at your vaginal hole. I can feel more of your wetness coming out as I lick and suck every single drop, but I can’t keep up.

    I will take off my shorts and underwear and rub my wet penis tip at your clit while i lift up your shirt and squeeze your boobs.

    “Do you want it?” I said. “yes…” you moaned softly while I lick your ear. I’ll push my penis into you slowly all the way filling your pussy. I’ll increase my rhythmic strokes as your moans get louder and you start playing with your own nipples. “Do you like it?” i said. “yes.. urghhh” as you struggle to speak from the ecstasy coming from your pussy being pleasured by my penis.

    Soon it was time for me to cum and I asked “i am cumming are you sa..?” and you replied “my period is tomorrow… AHH… ahhh…” and orgasm and shoot my thick warm load deep into your pussy and you orgasm at the same time. I lift your hips up after withdrawing my penis to keep all my cum in you.

    I then keep your panties in my shorts as we both get dressed.

    As we exited the room and make our way back to the rest of the class while carrying some skipping ropes, I looked at you and winked. *You’ll have help me keep back all these right?* You smile and giggle and hopped away.

    *hopefully my cum didnt come out of your pussy while you hopped

  9. Ben

    02/09/2019 at 11:12 PM

    I called you out for extra 1-to-1 PE lessons to “improve the flexibility of your splits”. I said in a stern voice: “Jessica, you are to see me after school IMMEDIATELY in the PE storeroom.”

    Once school has ended, you walked into the PE storeroom, and I asked you to lock the doors for our 1-to-1 PE lessons. You proceed to sit on the bench, awaiting quietly for instructions. I asked if you could do a split and show it to me. So you stood up to find some space, and demonstrated the split to me. It was a sight to behold for me, as I wow in amazement.

    Because your shorts were high up, and so tight, I could see the visible panty line, and a sneak peek of the colour. You were wearing a fresh white cotton panty, and it wraps around your butt so perfectly. I squat down to examine the post making sure that your legs are white apart. The little sneak peek of your white cotton panty gave me a raging hard-on. As I stood up, you could notice the bulge in my pants.

    You said with a snigger “Mr Tan, getting a hard-on watching me huh? You’ve always been waiting for this moment right? I know you’ve been fantasizing about me right? Bet you must have jerked off everyday imagining me naked right.” So you stood up slowly and turned around to rub your bubble butt against my boner and feeling every inch of it. Then you sit down on the bench and proceeded to take off my pants and underwear. I took off your t-shirt and sports bra, and wow what perfect little round pair of boobs. Such an angelic face with a devil body. Without any hesitation, you engulfed my entire dick in your mouth, taking every inch of it.

    As you kept sucking, you looked up to me and said “Mr Tan, you like it huh? Such a sweet young thing sucking your cock. Bet it feels good right?” The sight of you sucking me off really drives me to the edge, and I want to cum so badly. So I said, “I really want to fuck you so badly right here right now, but it’s not the right thing to do (yet). So I want you to suck me off, and jerk me off with your white cotton panty.” The combination of your warm mouth, smooth panty texture, and soft hands really drove me high, and I came so hard. I shot my load all over your perfect little boobs, and also a little bit on your face. You didn’t stop even after I came, you kept on sucking until my cock was dry, and wipe of the remaining cum off with your panty.

    You even wore back the panty with my cum still on it, just to wanna feel the warm sensation of the cum on your pussy. After that, we proceed to dress up. But just before you leave, you whispered in my ears, “Y’know I’m gonna turn 16 next month. You could detain me for extra PE or English lessons, and we could fuck each other every afternoon here in this storeroom after school. It will be our dirty little secret.” Xoxo

  10. Anonymous

    02/09/2019 at 11:22 PM

    If I am Mr Tan, I will probably just confine, drown you with aphrodisiacs and conduct breaking in trainings…

  11. Michael Hoehn

    03/09/2019 at 12:36 AM

    As your PE teacher, I would have to see how strong those thighs are. Start by holding them in the air as I slowly stroke your pussy, then we’ll see how hard you can squeeze as you wrap them around my head as I taste your sweet nectar. Finally, we have to test endurance by you wrapping your thighs around my waist as you bounce up and down til your legs are quivering and you cum all over me.

  12. Veteran Tom

    03/09/2019 at 11:48 PM

    Its Friday afternoon n PE is the last lesson, weather is super hot n everyone perspired profusely. After an eternity, lesson ends n u happened to be the duty student. I was very happy because u are drop dead gorgeous n u are always happy to help me out. Most of all u remind me of my own Math teacher when I was 15. Her name was Jessica too. I used to go to her house on weekends for tuition n she would keep wearing her yoga suit to teach, I asked her why n she said after my tuition she had to rush for her yoga class. God! I will gawk endlessly at her ‘white yoga pussy’ . I was damn bad with numbers n she will teach me number concept by saying that my cock n balls makes perfect 100. Then she taught me subtraction from 100 to 0 by putting my cock n ball in her mouth. Algebra was her spreading out into an X shape on bed n how to find X by putting my 1 into the centre of X. Of course I always fail my Math miserably but her lessons were always enjoyable. Now here’s another Jessica n she’s sweet 15, wow! Fantasy ignited! Ouch! U screamed, I rushed to u n saw ur hand bleeding, it was a scratch from handling some PE rquipment u were helping me keep. I tried to pour water from my bottle but it was empty. So I licked ur wound cleaned, u squirmed n moaned a bit. I looked at u, glistening in sweat but blushing away. I habitually rubbed my nose n asked if u are ok, u asked me whether r u stinking from all the sweat. Grabbing the opportunity, I sniffed u all over, ur lovely sweat scent gave me a huge hardon. I stopped rite infront of your face, u smelled nice, I said, can I smell u again? U grabbed me n kissed me hard, telling me how much u liked me n how u want to give me ur 1st time. I locked the PE room door n embraced ur little sweaty body, tongues exchanging away, my hardon throbbing right between ur thighs. U squatted down, wanting to eat me, but I was nearly bursting n carried u right onto one of those cage used for putting balls. The 2 of us were desperate for each other n I couldn’t bother taking off or bra, I just pushed it up so I can tongue ur nubile juvenile nipples. Then I pulled aside ur shorts n pink panty n licked u abit before entering my hardon, I felt something tear in ur pussy but I was all animal n ignored ur huge moan, I was growling as I turned u over on the cage n fucked u hard while u faced down, then u flip over n embraced me in lotus position, then u gyrate ur hips until I ejaculate inside u. ‘Thank u n goodbye Mr Tan’ U chirped cheerfully as u adjusted ur clothes, as u grab ur bag to leave , I grabbed u from behind, ‘lessons not over yet, my little Jessica…’ 🙂

  13. Aaa

    05/09/2019 at 1:22 AM

    Can we please have armpit fetish part 2. I’m dying for it!!!

  14. Ai

    05/09/2019 at 9:57 AM

    How come so many Tan in the education sector ! My form teacher is also Mr Tan. Hahaha

  15. Morris

    05/09/2019 at 11:24 PM

    I will caress you thighs as I tell you how beautiful you are to me and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. As I slowly use my hands to make my way up your thighs and into your pussy as I slowly play and tease your clit. Stimulate you as my cock gets really hard. And you slowly open your legs for me to enter as we both enter into paradise together 🙂

  16. Francis

    07/09/2019 at 1:14 AM

    As the last subject of your PE day is over. You were left alone and stayed a little while inside the classroom to fix your used PE shirt, folding it to make it fit in your bag. I gaze upon you silently and unnoticed upon the classroom door. Unnoticed, my mind slowly devour the sight that behold in front of me. Looking at the silk white skin your thighs can hold. My manhood is starting to react. “I cant just look at this now, I’ve been fantasizing this for days now”. I sneak slowly behind your back, unknowingly that you’ve noticed my presence awhile back, you just wait for me silently. As i reached you from the back.. “there is no coming back now” I say to myself. I grabbed your petite body across your sweet, and budding chest. And grabbing you between your thigh, you gasp out of excitement as I kiss and lick the back of your ears down to your neck. While slowly massaging the silk soft breast and sliding my fingers through your already crying pulp of flesh. Moans echoed as we reached the connection we’ve been hiding for so long. “I love how you look at those PE uniform of yours, but now you had to took them off” you gave me that lustful stare and says “I’ve been fantasizing about you touching me Mr. Tan” I lustfully obliged and slid down the little PE short along with what is left of the undergarments. My manhood has been throbbing vigorously behind your cute ass for sometime now, and you feeling the heat from it, you let me lift you up a little to adjust the frame for my coming. As I entered your wet pussy. You squealed a little as the anticipation from dick overrides your sweet damping pussy. “Do want me to stop my little Jessica?” You wave your head side to side to strongly disagree with the notion. “You are a model student Jessica i like it” I guide your hips until my dick is complete devour by your petite but hungry pussy. Heavy breathing from you encompasses the white classroom we are in. As I slowly move and make the tempo, your deep gasp from withdrawing out my dick and the slow “mmmmm” when I pushes it back became moans as my tempo comes to play. I’ve been penting up my load from the busy schedule and not for long. We can feel the ecstacy filling up the both of us. As I am about to cum “are you ready for your first lesson Miss Jessica?” You nod acceptingly “Please dont stop Im about to cum” you mutter on your heavy breaths. As we climaxed, I pumped thick cum inside you sending you jolting in ecstasy. Leaving you under your breath. I withdraw as semen drips down your silk white thighs, what a sight. After fixing ourselves up, you excitedly asked.. “Do we have a lecture tomorrow sir?” As smile painted in your perfect pinkish lips.

  17. artof

    10/10/2019 at 10:16 PM

    Uh huh I’m actually ur PE teacher here, to punish u for being expose me u bring along ur panty to my office now.

  18. Anonymous

    09/02/2020 at 12:24 AM

    I will just bring you to the male toilet and Push you again to the wall and lick your pussy

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