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Hey wolves, another unexpected blog update of the week! Lucky you hehe! There will be another one tomorrow(Friday the 13th 👀) so remember to check back here at 9pm!

So it’s after ovulation again, and guess what’s hurting 😫 My nipsssssssss! And I straight up hate wearing bras because of the underwire and restrictions, so I’ve been switching to bralettes these days. So light weight, pretty and lacy. I usually wear them continuously for a few days 😝

So anyway, the first person to purchase ANY of my bralettes, will be getting this white tank top as a free gift. It’s basically vintage, because it’s so worn out and I’ve used it in so many of my older FBT photosets, such as this. Been with me for years already 🥺 First come first serve ok? See you wolves tmr at 9pm!

Your PowerPuff Queen,
Jessica 💋

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  1. Minion

    12/11/2020 at 10:31 PM

    Absolutely beautiful in these bralettes!!! Such gorgeous figure too!!!

  2. NoProblem

    13/11/2020 at 7:34 PM

    Jess is a sexy sweet young thing… hehe

  3. R

    14/11/2020 at 9:11 AM

    Actually i can’t difference between bra and bralette ~
    but you look comfortable wearing it so it’s fine , and look sexy at the same time XD
    is it just my imagination or not but i think bralette covering your breast more nicely and shape kind of natural beautiful , it’s hard to expressing in word 🙁
    seeing you wearing it once a while is nice , still make me feel horny though

  4. Majin

    19/11/2020 at 5:03 PM

    I miss your armpit sets tbh

  5. Aff

    21/11/2020 at 10:10 AM

    Sexy panty there.. available?

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