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Teacher’s Pet Part 2

Hello hungry wolves! Hope your week has been good. Circuit breaker is almost over, yay, but let’s continue to do our part by not going out unnecessarily 😁

Anyway, as promised, here’s part 2 of Teacher’s Pet. Something to add about part 2, it was written and submitted by an anonymous follower who obviously doesn’t want to be named, so whoever you are, thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed being featured. Enjoy part 2 of this fictional story 😁 Read part one here.

“Would you like a sniff, Mr Ng?”

I wasn’t in a state of mind to string sentences together. After all my years of being an educator, I couldn’t conjure up a proper verbal response. “Urgh…” was all that came out of my lips. I felt Jessica’s warm soft hands behind my head, pushing me towards her panties covered private parts. 

Every single cell in my body is pushing me to submit to her urging, to give her a proper tongue lashing. To taste the forbidden fruit between my lips. “I’m her teacher” I thought to myself. “I need to teach her a lesson she will never forget.” I resisted the pressure at the back of my head, pushing me towards her pussy. Instead, I decided to turn my face towards her inner thighs and took a deep whiff, before planting light kisses on them. I wrap my hands over the top of both thighs. One, they are soft yet firm and incredibly smooth to touch. Two, this allows me to regain control of the action. The ball is back in my court. 

I could feel Jessica’s body weight shifting, perhaps over the uneasiness of yielding control over to me, her maths teacher. My hands pulled her thighs further apart, as I slowly kiss and sniff nearer and nearer to her pussy. As my lips make the first contact with her panties covered pussy, I could feel her breathing quicken. I decided to take my time, planting several slow and deliberate kisses on her panties. Kisses on the left, kisses on the right, and a slow wet lick from the bottom to the top of her slit. At this point, I could feel her dampness through her panties. The sweet smell of sex is filling up my nostrils. I concentrated kissing and licking effort on the part of her panties where her young clit is. As I use my nose to nudge the very slight protrusion caused by her swollen clit, Jessica let out her first soft moan of the session. Her right hand reached down to pull her panties aside, revealing her pussy to me for the very first time. 

As she does so, the full wetness of her pussy is finally apparent to me. Juices was sticking to her panties, creating a fine film of smooth, translucent slippery wetness. Her pussy was totally hairless. It was fair and smooth, with almost a tinge of pink. Her inner lips was hidden by a plump pair of outer lips, and her pink swollen clit was peeking out, as if crying out for immediate attention. Contrary to my earlier slow tease, I opened my mouth and covered her entire pussy with my lips and tongue. My tongue though, slowly licked its way up and down her inner pussy lips, cumulating in circling round and round her clit. At this point, I could feel Jessica’s breathing being ragged.

I pulled my head away from Jessica’s pussy, knowing there is a greater prize for me to claim. I stood up, and lean my head towards Jessica’s. I could see her face up close, closer than we have ever been. Her eyes had a shy yet horny expression, cheeks appearing slightly blushed. How would she react to being kissed? I wondered as my eyes took a moment to appreciate how beautiful Jessica is. It almost caught me by surprise when she pulled my head in for a kiss. Deep, passionate kissing, with plenty of playful lips nibbling, tongue fighting, and what really got me aroused was the soft moaning which came out of Jessica’s mouth while our lips are connected.

At this point, I had lifted her butt out of her chair onto the table. With her legs spread wide apart while I’m standing between them. Jessica was scrambling to unbuckle my belt and pulled my trousers down. To my great surprise, she wrapped her hand over my briefs covered fully engorged cock and gave it a squeeze. A HARD squeeze. “Are you supposed to get hard over your students, Mr Ng?” Jessica teases as she pulled down my briefs to reveal my cock, fully erected and looking redder than I recall them ever being. She maintained eye contact with me, while she rubs the tip of my cock with her thumb at an agonisingly slow speed, lubricated by my precum. The feeling was beyond words and I started closing my eyes to enjoy the sensation. I could feel her using her index finger to wrap around the very sensitive back of my cock head. The combined action of her thumb and index finger on my very wet cock head is driving me wild. It was a sensation I have never felt before. “Is it wet enough Mr Ng?” I could barely respond before I felt something warm and wet hitting my cock head and dribbling down adding to the wetness as Jessica’s fingers continued to work their magic. I opened my eyes to see her smiling impishly, with a thin thread of saliva hanging off her lips. “Jessica, you have to stop doing that or I’m gonna cum”. 

“Stop doing what, Mr Ng? This?” With her right hand still expertly keeping me on the edge, she drooled onto my throbbing hard cock and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Jessica.. no…” my balls tensed up uncontrollably and my cock expanded to a firmness I have never felt before. At that very moment, a slight smile escaped from the side of Jessica’s lips, as her fingers stopped moving completely, just holding on to my red cock head, as if they have become her prisoner. I had stepped beyond the point of no return though, as my cock started spraying jets of warm cum onto Jessica’s flat and fair stomach. They splattered onto her and flowed down towards her panties, completely drenching them. I took a moment to catch my breath. “Oh wow, what a mess. I’m sorry about dirtying your panties Jessica. Maybe I can make it up to you and guide you through your homework next week.”

The End.

Your PowerPuff Queen,
Jessica 💋

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  1. MattOz

    29/05/2020 at 9:33 PM

    Ohhhh dam yes Jess!! You are gorgeous!

  2. Icyking96

    29/05/2020 at 9:52 PM

    Gorgeous peaches hehe

  3. V

    29/05/2020 at 10:17 PM

    Interesting. Well done!

  4. Minion

    29/05/2020 at 10:21 PM

    Such beautiful thighs and peach, definitely an attraction to any guy!!! Sexyyy!!!

  5. Ace Valentine

    29/05/2020 at 10:28 PM

    damn i imagined myself as Mr. Ng though. I would like to grind my cock along the lining of your pussy, the lips and the clit, teasing it to come inside you. You stared at me and those looks so inviting that I’d better thrust it inside your pink, juicy pussy. As I pointed my cock towards your pussy and gently pushing it in the right hole and pulling it and pushing it, your pussy so tight and wet made me extra horny that i held both of your hands as we do the missionary with a gradual speed of my thrusting as you moan. I looked at you in the eyes and reached for your lips and kiss you as I keep on thrusting in and out of you. “Jessica, I think you need to know more things aside from math, you also need to know about kama sutra, as we speak and as we fuck” your eyes squint and smiled “Mr. Valentine, right? how are we going to do this by schedule?” I let out my hard cock and repeatedly slapped your pussy with it. “Well Jessica, we can do the tutorials on weekends and on fridays too” I positioned my mouth towards your wet pussy again and licked your hardened clit and your supple vaginal lips, sucked your whole private area that isn’t so private anymore since I have discovered your precious nether parts and get a hold of em and took advantage of em. I sat down on the edge of the bed and invited you to position yourself sitting on my shoulders facing me. With your pussy facing my face, i then rigorously let my tongue reach every area it can pleasure Jessica. You moaned hard and your hands gripped on to my long hair as I stand and lift you up while eating your womanhood, your honey jar, your plump pussy. “I call this Atlas carrying the World, Jessica, you are my world, Mr. Valentine is Atlas, your Atlas”. As you held my head and you pushed yourself and your pussy towards my face, my tongue reached farther inside your pussy and you released a moan and squirted on my face. That squirt was so warm and precious, like water from the fountain of youth. You spoke to me with your shaky voice “Mr. Valentine, I’m loving this session of ours, you’re also teaching me Mythology, please teach me more and make me moan more, Mr. Valentine! I want you in me again please Mr. Valentine”. I placed you back on the bed and whispered in your ears “I will be inside you three days a week Jessica, or if you want it daily, just tell me if ever you change your mind”

  6. Ai

    30/05/2020 at 3:07 AM

    Puffy Power Puff. Damn sexy. See already feels like pressing them. I think the sweetest thing about you is… you are always around. ❤️

  7. Anonymous

    30/05/2020 at 1:27 PM

    Too bad those panties have a liner in front. You could have shut down the internet! Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see more grool!

  8. Hakase

    30/05/2020 at 8:47 PM

    Nice tonight delusion theme is JK jessica ~
    I will try to flirting with you at classroom and trying to have a lot sex with you because no one around
    with that i start undressing you down to underwear only and press you to window then strike you suddenly from behind , put in my penis inside your vagina and thrusting violently in no time both of us cum , your whole body is shacking. but i can’t wait for another round and carried you to desk , spread open your legs , and then give you another good pump
    you say no more , but your lower mouth say different thing , your little pussy keep squeezing my penis , as i move faster
    both your face and moaning is cute when you enjoying the pleasure
    i keep thrusting and pump you without care , sometime while do that i touch your little clit playing with it , press it repeatly and pinch it since i know this your weak spot
    for final i tell you to hold your legs so i can thrust more deeper reaching your womb entrace and cum inside
    your pussy twiching , it’s almost climax me too , i cum a lot inside you until overflowing , as i pull out my penis i give you promise if you want to feel another pleasure like this i will always ready even if its everyday

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