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Pretty Bralette

Hey wolves, another unexpected blog update of the week! Lucky you hehe! There will be another one tomorrow(Friday the 13th 👀) so remember to check back here at 9pm!


Blue All Week

Hey wolves! Unfortunately I had to miss yesterday’s update because I was so caught up at work, and will be busy for the rest of this week too ☹️


Lick It Or Sniff It

Hello hungry wolves! Hope your week wasn’t rough. Mine’s pretty okay except that it’s shark week and I didn’t prepare my usual content.


Kitty Cat

Just wanna say hi, because I may not be updating this Friday. My period started today 😒, feeling meh. But aren’t I just the cutest pussy cat? Hehe I’ve also… Continue Reading


Seeing Red

Hello hungry wolves! To those celebrating Chinese New Year, hope it’s going great for you, and if you gamble, may lady luck Jessica be by your side, HUAT AH! 😊As… Continue Reading

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