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Happy Wednesday hungry wolves! My period is over and here’s a little midweek boost for you hehe! Thank you for being patient for my return, life has been busy. I found this 2 matching pieces in my closet the other day, so how about some pokies and lacy peekaboo today? Have a good week ahead and see you on my next update!

Your PowerPuff Queen,

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  1. T

    05/06/2024 at 9:34 PM

    Hello my queen, it’s really nice to see you posting again… I love the bright colours as it just feels so uplifting and happy… It also makes it easier to imagine what your lovely breasts look like, especially in the first pic! Love your smile in pic 2 as well, it makes the photo set complete xoxo

  2. A

    05/06/2024 at 9:51 PM

    Hopefully you do more dirty gusset Q.Q

  3. KP

    05/06/2024 at 10:20 PM

    Love this set! Welcome back my queen!

  4. Ren

    05/06/2024 at 11:35 PM

    Good thing to see before sleep even though now i don’t feel sleepy at all
    It’s indeed pokies and this colour is so refreshing look good on you too !!

  5. Your fo_20

    06/06/2024 at 11:47 AM

    Fan submitted story.

    It was a Wednesday afternoon and I’m about to have my lunch near my office till I got a message from my Queen asking me to come over to her place for a quick lunch with her instead.
    At the first floor, the third room she was in. In her green lace top and undies, we, She hugged me this erotic Singapore beauty. Tight, she wouldn’t let off me. Her large hard nipples pressing hard against my hairy chest. My tie hanging loosely from my neck. She pulled it, untied it as it fell to the wet floor. “I’ve been waiting for you. I missed your dick” she said as she ran her right hand down my crotch and her left one exploring my hips. Mine were resting on her smooth voluptuous hips in that soft silky undies. I pressed her hard against myself. I had to take off my clothes, I was going back to work, this is lunch time sex!

    after I had removed my shirt and my trouser, I pulled her. Stroked her hair, unstrapped her green top and tucked her left breast into my mouth. Her nipple was warm, it was always warm. Large like a plastic bottle top. Then I began sucking. She pressed it hard into my mouth, I bit it tenderly. Some salty liquid dripped from her breast, which I swallowed.
    My Queen never did this to me, she just lay there like a log. She wrapped her legs around my waist, her eyes closed as she moaned incoherently. Her long hair kept falling back and forth. She had some tears in her eyes, her imploring eyes. She always did when she felt at cloud nine. She was bringing the other breast, forcing it into my mouth and I knew I would not give her it all, I had to keep her a little wanting.

    The bed behind her had a PVC cover that would avert in liquid from infiltrating the bed. I unstrapped her thong, her pussy was soaking wet with lubrication, I lay her on the bed on her back. Descended on her pussy, my tongue out like that of a tired dog. I inserted my tongue. Licked her singaporean clitoris, held it between my lips and sucked it till it began pumping, like a heartbeat. She cummed. I licked. With her legs around my neck, she moaned. Begged for more as she pulled my her more close to her pussy. Her thighs smelled nice. I moved back. One thing though, I had not carried my condoms. I always did but on this day, i left them in my coat. LittlePuff never ever allowed me into her without protection. And today didn’t seem any different. I stepped on my pair of boxers to let my huge cock loose. then I descended on LittlePuff.

    My tongue travelling from her neck to the ear, her hands firmly holding onto my hard cock, we were headed for the top. I pressed my pelvis into her thighs. I didn’t want her to notice that I had not worn any form of protection, though she was holding my thing strongly, stroking it up and down. I removed her hands. As I kissed her neck, I flapped my dick up and down her now burning pussy. Her clitoris was on fire. She screamed. She pushed my hand off my dick, took hold of it and pushed it into her pussy. I tried to pull back, she pushed, I pulled back, she pushed. She didn’t know that I had not worn anything like protection!

    I began fucking her. I thrust my manhood back and forth, in slow motion. I was keen, not to cum quick. “Oh yeah…. Oh yeah…. Harder baby fuck that. Oooh….” she cried. The room was getting hot, we however made the whole situation hotter, LittlePuff and I. I was gradually increasing the tempo. And the pace with which she said “Oh yeah” increased as well. “Baby there, there, there” she would implore amid her moans. Soon, I’d be cumming and I didn’t want to. so I took my dick out and began licking her once more. “Fuck me BabyBoy, fuck me!!”She screamed grabbing my thing. I gave in. Turned her from behind, bent her back that way, but her neck was turned behind. her legs made a perfect inverted V. I grabbed her thighs. The wet pussy was sweetly exposed towards me. I slid my thing into hers, then began fucking. “Oh yeah, there. there baby there….” she cried. I did it with vigour. She screamed. I’d see tears from her eyes. Her breasts swung like two loose paw paws on a windy day.

    Her hips, she began oscillating them like a dancer. In fact, she was dancing on my crotch. As I pumped in and out of her, as she cried “Oh yeah”, she mover her buttocks in a seductive circular motion which was more erotic. It made it more lovely and within seconds, some sweet sensation caught my thing. I would feel it, I was cumming. The fucking became rapid. Her moans and cries turned to gasps. For a moment I thought she was going to suffocate, but I never stopped. Then as the sweetness reached it’s climax, she opened her mouth. Opened her eyes wide, let out a sound that suggested heavy reception of a load. As I poured the liquid into her, the wide eyes closed, and she swallowed a heavy lump of saliva. She was no longer spinning her buttocks, she lay there, still. Her breasts still hanging, the floor between her legs wet with white liquid. I fell on her. We both lay on the bed, our warm bodies not feeling like letting each other go. She held strongly my hand. Her eyes were still closed.

    Then my phone alarm went off, it was 2 p.m, the time I was expected at the office. My pant, the one i had stepped on to remove, lay on the floor, wet with semen and LittlePuff’s vaginal fluid! Now how was I to explain this at the office?

    1. Queen Jessica

      06/06/2024 at 12:21 PM

      “singaporean clitoris”? HAHAHAA too funny.

  6. Noside

    08/06/2024 at 2:25 PM

    Hi jez, do u do clean shave or IPL or natural forest?

    1. Queen Jessica

      10/06/2024 at 9:58 AM

      both actually

  7. Anonymous

    10/06/2024 at 4:28 PM

    you’re so fucking gorgeous and the set is extraordinary, still waiting on my saliva set Queen.

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